Following the diamond Peugeot down the rabbit hole

Sometimes I land in random places on Google Street View and find interesting things…and then I fall down a rabbit hole.

Screenshot 2013-10-03 19.40.29

Recently, I was using Street View to wander around the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich after seeing a trailer for Thor 2, and I tripped across this photo shoot next to the Cutty Sark.

I started to wonder if I could figure out what the shoot was for. Searching Google for diamond covered car and crystal covered car didn’t bring up what I was looking for. After several variations on diamond/crystal encrusted car, I tried diamond car uk and clicked on Images. A few rows down, I found the car and a pair of women wearing the same dresses as in the screenshot above. The picture linked to a car site on MSN, with this info:

In celebration of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, Peugeot has built a one off bling-tastic version of its sporty RCZ model. The diamond-encrusted car was specially commissioned by reality TV show The Only Way is Essex.

A little more searching led me to “The Only Way is Essex,” which certainly looks interesting. I may have to watch a few episodes (or ten).

A little more looking turned up this video from the shoot:

By the time I was done tracking all this down, I’d almost forgotten why I was looking around Greenwich in the first place (oh yeah, Thor!) and now I have another show to watch (as if I have time). Someday I’ll learn. Maybe.

(Now that I think about it, that car makes this a literal “Oooh, shiny!”)