A Twelfth Night sequel? Hmmm…

Olivia, Maria and Malvolio from "Twelfth Night," Act III, Scene iv by Johann Heinrich Ramberg [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Detail from “Olivia, Maria and Malvolio from ‘Twelfth Night,’ Act III, Scene iv” by Johann Heinrich Ramberg [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
This sounds interesting. Too bad I’m not near enough to watch this play because I’d really like to see if the story works.

Set 20 years after the events of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, The Malvolio Project, written by playwright-in-residence Betty Shamieh, focuses on the eponymous former steward on whom the characters of the original Shakespeare played a cruel jape.

Although Malvolio swore revenge at the end of the original play and remains bitter toward those who deceived him, he rises through the ranks of the Illyrian army to become a general and a war hero.Now that he has made a name for himself, he plans to enact his revenge. A surprise, however, comes in the form of Volina, the daughter of Duke Orsino and Duchess Viola who falls madly in love with him after she joins the army in her mother’s disguise dressed as a boy.

Still bitter about the prank pulled on him many years before, Malvolio thinks she is mocking him. Hilarity ensues in the form of mistaken identity, cross-dressing, and a surprise twist at the end that is all reminiscent of true Shakespeare writing.

I think it’s unusual to see a sequel of a Shakespeare play, rather than a retelling. (At least I can’t think of any. Are there more out there and I’m just missing them?) I’m definitely intrigued and I hope it does well.

via Malvolio Project puts new spin on Shakespeare | The Denisonian.