My poor poinsettia plant didn’t make it through another winter. Or so I thought. I’ve neglected it badly, in that I never did repot it or give it any fertilizer in the three or four years it’s been in my house (I meant to, I swear!) and halfway through this winter it seemed to have given up.

In my usual style, I didn’t throw it out but let it remain among the other plants (all in varying states of health, of course). Because it was still sitting there, it was occasionally watered when the other plants were. Yes, I know. This is not an effecient way to live. It’s really kind of sad. (In a way, it really illustrates this particular winter).

At least Spring is on the horizon now (in fact, I think we might say it’s finally pulling into the drive at this point) and one recent morning I noticed an amazing sign of Spring’s renewal:


Now I can say I didn’t pitch because I knew it wasn’t really dead. Really, I Knew. Yep.

I definitely see a “spa day” in the works for this amazing little plant. I’ll give it some TLC with a new pot, fresh dirt and the removal of its (probably) truly dead partners.