Watches Game of Thrones. *Rubs hands together.* “I knew it!”

Game of Thrones SPOILERS! 

Okay, you’ve been warned. (Highlight over the text for the spoilery bits)

Ever since Joffrey’s death, I’ve said Olenna Tyrell was behind it.

But I might have been a little too smug when I saw this scene in last week’s episode.

Check out the video behind the jump.

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #4 Clip

This was me, internally.
I knew it!
Okay, maybe a little externally, too.

(If you’ve read the books and it turns out this is a red herring, please don’t spoil it for me — and others — in the comments. I’ll be brought down to a more humble level soon enough. Thanks!)