Oooh, Shiny!

A few days ago I was bored with my usual walking route, so I decided to walk through the Healing Gardens next to the Lied Transplant Center. It’s a nice, calm garden area squeezed into the space between several buildings, with benches to sit on and enjoy the waterfall and the flowers. I hadn’t stopped in there in a long time despite the fact that I walk past the entrance quite often.

While there, my eye was drawn to a large copper bowl full of glass stones (Shiny Things!) and I discovered the whole thing was actually a kaleidoscope.



I love the originality of the piece. In such a beautiful and calming setting, it seems almost magical even before you look through the lens.



And then you do, and it’s even better:


(I’m kind of impressed that I was able to shoot a picture through the kaleidoscope’s lens.)

I have been thinking about how to DIY one for my own yard ever since. I think that could be a fun project.



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